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What Is Scotchgard Protector?

This is special detergent that serves for the protection of your furniture, fabrics, and carpets. There are certain amazing benefits about it – check them out:

  • Scotchgard Protector makes your household items oil and water resistant. Spilling a liquid on them will not be a problem anymore. The spills remain on the surface and do not soak into the fabrics. Even if some time passes and the stains dry, removing them will be even easier. The good news is that our technicians are supplied with the best stain protectors on the market.
  • The frequent vacuuming will be more effective, because dirt will not stick to the fibers like it did before;
  • In the long run, the protection effect of Protector lasts for 3 to 5 years. That period could be even longer as it largely depends on how often the item is used and sanitised.
  • The Scotchgard will help you get rid of tide marks or dampness marking from the windows on the lining material on your curtains.

Our advise is to apply the protection only on washed items and to always follow the manufacture requirement. Why you need to apply the stain protector always on washed surface? The answer is as the protector might “seal” dirt into the item.

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Scotchgard Protector in Dublin

Yes! Scotchgard Protector, combined with proper care and cleaning, will make a big difference in retaining your carpet and upholstery’s beauty over many years of regular use.

Scotchgard brand protector is the first name in protection from dirt, spots and stains and helps keep carpets, rugs and upholstery cleaner, brighter, fresher … longer. The name Scotchgard has been synonymous with protecting fibers and fabric for over 30 years.

Dublin Carpet Cleaner can apply Scotchgard protector to virtually any type of carpet, rug, and upholstery fabric in your home to provide a unique 3-way protection from damaging dirt, dust, and grime.

Scotchgard also protects from water-based stains such as coffee, milk or soft drink spills. It protects from oil-based stains such as food spills or road oil.

After Scotchgard is applied, spilled liquids will bead up on the surface rather than soak in so they can be easily blotted up, and dirt particles will not cling, so vacuuming is easier and more efficient.

Dublin Carpet Cleaner apply Scotchgard protector right after cleaning to help maintain that bright, freshly cleaned look on your carpets and upholstery for a long, long time.